Things To Do in Calpe

2nd May 2019

About Calpe

What was once an ancient fishing village has since flourished into a tourist hotspot. Situated within the
region of Valencia in the North of Costa Blanca. Ideally located near Alicante and of course the airport.
The village features a stunning mix of traditional architecture and modern tourist facilities, thankfully the
new modern setting has been infused with that wonderful Valencian aesthetic. Calpe is home to many

breathtaking beaches, coves & bays! Including the likes of Playa de la Fossa, El Racó, Calalga Cove & Cala Les Bassetes.

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Things to do in Calpe

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Beaches, Coves & More Beaches

Calpe is arguably one of the best places for the number of beautiful beaches & coves it has to offer. Not
only do you benefit from the vast amount, but they are also a lot quieter in comparison to the likes of
Benidorm & Alicante. In this article we will run through our top picks & why we chose them. It is perfect for couples & families alike, with its idyllic appeal.

Playa de la Fossa

This beach is amazing for families, with a whole host of amenities available. It has been awarded the Blue
Flag status, which as you know means that the beach and the surrounding area is pristine. Not only do
you get a great view of Peñon de Ifach. It also offers fantastic crystal clear waters that remain calm,
allowing for easy paddles. It even has free parking nearby!

Calalga Cove

Moving just along the coast you will find the tranquil Calalga Cove, slightly hidden below the shallow cliff
faces, this cove is amazing for diving enthusiasts with a huge variance in vegetation under those turquoise waves. You can find schools of sea bream, sponges, anemones, octopuses, eels & much much more. It’s a very exciting place to visit.

Cala del Mallorquí

This one is a hidden gem that is accessed by a short stair journey just off the Voramar trail. When you
reach the cove you will be enthralled by its allure. This spot is ideal for couples who are looking for
somewhere to relax on their own, slightly off the beaten track. But this is also a great place for divers! It’s
not recommended for families due to the lack of sandy beaches & the rocky platform could be a worry for
some. Make sure you do not go beyond the existing trail and do not climb the rock on rainy days!

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The Rock of Ifach (Peñon de Ifach)

Peñón de Ifach to some is virtually Costa Blanca’s mini Gibraltar rock. Once you see the images it is easy
to understand why! But the locals don’t like calling it that for obvious reasons. The outcrop is unsurprisingly a national park giving it protected status, meaning it will remain in its natural state for years to come.

Fun fact: Over 300 species of animals live there, with an array of rare plant life and bird colonies. If
you’re after some rare sightings then it’s definitely worth a visit. If you can make it to the top then you’re in for a treat. You get an amazing panoramic view of the town and marina of Calpe & the mountains in the distance. Also, don’t worry about it being a difficult climb, there are easy tracks to follow up the mountain-side, but you will still need some level of fitness as sadly there is no lift.

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Adventure Around Calpe’s Old Town

Calpe has seen quite a bit of history in its time, it was built because of its strategic position next to the
coast, it has seen many voyagers reside there, remains of Iberian tribes have been scattered across the
town, with the Romans taking over to make it a prosperous colony processing fish. It was even subject to
pirate attacks during the 14th-17th centuries. So it has definitely seen its fair share of action.
Wander around the pathways and narrow streets and take in the mixture of modern and traditional
designs, stumble across the stunning church of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves. If you prefer looking
further back in history you can walk along the wall and reach Torreó de la Peça, the watchtower that
protected the city. Oh, and you can also find some of the old artillery scattered around!

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What’s the Weather Like in Calpe?

As you would probably expect, the weather in Calpe benefits from the lovely Mediterranean temperatures,
averaging almost 325 sunny days each year, with the temperature averaging well above 20 for the year!
The ocean breeze keeps you cool and refreshed in the warm summer months, with the mountains
protecting you from the cold winds in the winter.

Is Calpe Easily Accessible?

Calpe is very easy to gain access to. It’s located relatively close to Benidorm (Which I think all expats
know how easy it is to get there). Which means that it is less than an hour drive from the city of Alicante
and the Alicante airport to Calpe! There is a direct road which doesn’t deviate and means you can take in
the views and enjoy your journey. It also has a direct train link for those who don’t or can’t drive. Beware
that the train station is outside of the town centre. Calpe is also located reasonably close to Valencia and
its international airport, which would be just shy of an hour and a half by car to get to. So if you want to
visit a big city you don’t have to travel for long.

Property for Sale in Calpe

We have a great range of properties available in Calpe. From 1 bedroom apartments that overlook the
stunning coastline, to family orientated four bedroom villas with large pools, all the way through to luxury
six bedroom villas that have spectacular views of Peñón de Ifach, we think you will be amazed at how good our value for money is. With a mix of traditional & modern homes to choose from, you really need to
browse them for yourself and see which ones stand out for you.

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So, If you are looking for your dream property across the North of Costa Blanca, Calpe is certainly an
area that needs to be considered. With its tranquil atmosphere, idyllic beaches and a wide selection of
properties available, nardia real estate agency can provide you with the best Spanish real estate services

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