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  • Property Buying Costs in Spain

    10th January 2024

    What are the costs when you buy a house in Spain? Updated: January, 2024 You are thinking of investing in a home in Spain! An excellent choice that thousands of foreign investors make every year. nardia real estate agents – your international real estate agent on the Costa Blanca - will guide you from A to Z and beyond. In this text you find a clear overview of the buyer costs that will come…
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  • Housing Market Report May: Home Sales Costa Blanca | What´s happening?

    26th July 2023

      The official figures for May 2023 have been released by the Spanish property registries. In the whole of Spain the sale of houses has decreased with 6.7% compared to May 2022 and the number of mortgages granted to buy a home dropped with 24,3%. This is obviously due to the jump in interest rates. In the whole of Spain 54.063 properties were sold in May and 32.043 were financed with a mortgage,…
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