How much more can a broker be? After receiving the advice to contact nardia real estate agency from a very satisfied friend, we contacted them. From the first contact by e-mail and telephone we already got a good impression. Tom responds quickly, proactively and completely to the point with all questions. We were looking for an apartment with some special requirements. With his market knowledge and his ability to translate comments and other signals into objects to be visited and the time he takes for this, we have found a beautifully suitable apartment. Tom is always available and helpful at all stages of the buying process. He is also certainly an added value in matters such as opening a bank account, NIE number, notary and home insurance. In short, we are very happy to have met Tom. Outside the business part, he is also just a pleasant man to deal with. If you are in the market for a home in this region of Spain, nardia real estate agency is definitely the organization to turn to! To conclude with the opening question, How much more can a broker be? Peter and Jacqueline Luijdjens The Netherlands
Peter & Jacqueline Luijdjens (the Netherlands)
September 2nd 2021
Ystävällinen kiinteistönvälittäjä, joka on auttanut meitä erittäin tyydyttävällä tavalla etsimään kotia, joka täyttää kaikki tarpeemme. Ystävällinen henkilö. Marcel Koopman, Alankomaat (käännetty hollannista Google -kääntäjä) Googlen yrityssivun kautta nardia -kiinteistönvälittäjä
Marcel Koopman (the Netherlands)
August 31st 2021
Very efficient and knowledgeable staff,especially Miryam...who dealt with our queries. (Via Google Reviews)
Frank Harty (Ireland)
September 12th 2021
Haluamme jakaa kokemuksemme kiinteistövälitystoimisto Nardian kanssa, koska olemme erittäin tyytyväisiä tapaan, jolla Tom Bruijnzeel on vapauttanut asuntomme markkinoilla ja lopulta myynyt sen. Tomilla on liike-ilme ja ennen kaikkea viehättävä ilme. Hän hoiti koko myyntiprosessimme Alteassa sijaitsevassa asunnossamme erittäin tarkasti alusta asti notaariin. Hän tutkii huolellisesti kaikkia tekoja, on kunnianhimoinen, avulias, neuvova ja tietysti luotettava. Hänellä on yksityiskohtia silmällä pitäen videoesitystä tai valokuvaraporttia, ja hän on myös hyvin aktiivinen sosiaalisessa mediassa. Viestintä on sujuvaa ja antaa sinulle yhteyden eri viranomaisiin. Siksi voimme suositella voimakkaasti nardia-kiinteistönvälittäjiä ja tiimiä sekä kiinteistöjen ostamiseen että myymiseen. Jos ja Marie-Jose Wijnen(käännetty hollannista Google Kääntäjän avulla)
Jos and Marie-Jose Wijnen (the Netherlands)
May 6th 2021
5 stars!  Tom with nardia real estate agency is a pleasant person to work with. Friendly and knowledgeable. He is a professional and he keeps his promises perfectly. In fact, he does more than a standard broker does. He runs just that little bit faster. He takes the time for you and is not afraid to find out some things that are not actually his responsibility. Overall, highly recommended and well worth the investment.(translated from Dutch with Google Translate)
Mark van Brussel (the Netherlands)
January 12th 2021
We highly recommend Tom and Nardia Real Estate Agency. We purchased our apartment in Calpe and Tom skillfully executed all the required documents for us promptly and accurately. Under Tom’s supervision, he gathered a professional team and truly transformed our ordinary apt. into a stunning gorgeous contemporary home facing the sea. Tom is a dedicated professional, he is highly ethical, knows value and the real estate market. We are Americans and love living part time in Spain. We just decided to invest in some additional property. After a brief discussion, he suggested several options to meet our requirements. In less than 7 days we have successfully completed the entire transaction and Tom again took care of the detailed paperwork and worries. Being from another country, it is daunting to make a large investment in a foreign country. But Tom patiently educated us and took away the unknowns. We are now successfully immersed here and loving it! We appreciate all the effort, attention and support that he has extended us. We count Tom and Lola as good friends. My recommendation is: do not hesitate, you will be in expert hands with Tom. He’ll help you find your dream home in the sun! Peggy Merritt  (via Facebook nardia real estate agency)    
Peggy Merritt - USA
September 17th 2020
Thanks to Tom we have found our place under the sun. Already at our first meeting, we agreed with Tom's approach. No pushy sales pitch, we really listened to our wishes. You will of course not find the perfect match or house on 1-2-3. However, Tom was already able to filter the real estate market in order to unnecessarily view too many houses and only get to the really interesting houses. We could also count on Nardia to estimate any renovation costs. It is very helpful to have a contact person in your own language who will also inform you about the ins and outs of real estate in Spain. We therefore highly recommend Tom and Nardia team! Sven and Ilse De Muynck -D'hooge Belgium  (via Google Reviews)
Sven en Ilse De Muynck -D'hooge (België)
February 27th 2020
 I am very satisfied with the job that nardia real estate agency has done to sell my house in Altea. From the first day I met Miryam I liked her personality.  She came to my house with clients who want to see the house with a kindness both for me and the clients.                                                                                    I am also very satisfied with the job nardia real estate agency do when the house was sold. They make the job with all the paper professional. I don`t need to do anything with the paper only to come to the Notarius for signing the contract.                                                                                                       Thank you to Nardia real estate agency with Miryam and Tom.                              Elin Myran  
Elin Myran (Norway)
April 20th 2019
Siitä hetkestä, kun olimme ottaneet yhteyttä Miryiamilta ja Tomilta, siirtyämme uuteen kotiimme Busotiin, tiesimme, että olimme tehneet oikean valinnan Nardia Real Estate Agencyn kanssa. Erinomainen viestintä koko ajan, hyödyllisiä, ammatillisia neuvoja ja tukea, eikä mitään kysymystä pidetty liikaa. On pelottavaa ostaa uusi talo parhaimmillaan, mutta ostaa Espanjassa asuessaan edelleen Yhdistyneessä kuningaskunnassa ... vielä enemmän. Miryiam ja Tom tekivät siitä kuitenkin upean kokemuksen alusta loppuun ja olemme nyt asettuneet kauniiseen uuteen kotiimme auringonpaisteessa. Ei osaa suositella niitä tarpeeksi. Kiitos!   Julie ja Kevin Bendelow (Facebook nardia real estate agency)   (käännetty englannista Google Translate -palvelulla)
Julie Hench Bendelow (U.K.)
February 4th 2020
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Huomaa, että nardia real estate agency käyttää edellä mainittuja tietoja ottaakseen sinuun yhteyttä. Lähettämällä tämän lomakkeen vahvistat, että hyväksyt käyttöehtomme, tietosuojakäytäntömme ja suostumuksen siihen, että evästeet tallennetaan tietokoneellesi.

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