8 Things to Keep in Mind When Building Your Villa in Spain!

1st December 2021


Your own villa designed and built according to your personal taste and life style.

Does this sound like a dream to you? 


If you want to build in Spain, pay attention to the following 8 things. Obvious things that are more often forgotten by people than you might suspect!

We highly recommend you to work only with a professional team that can has indepth knowledge of the local market and construction of luxury property!


# 1 Know the local rules and regulations

# 2 Know what you really want (must have vs. like to haves)

# 3 Be aware of VAT 10% or 21%

# 4 Get real help from the pros

# 5 Make clear agreements

# 6 Map out the full costs and arrange financing in Spain if desired

# 7 Stay involved during the building process

# 8 Keep the end result in mind


# 1 Know the local rules and regulations


Unless you already own a building plot, we will need to find one for you.

Before you purchase, always ask for a recent cedula urbanistica from the municipality where the land is located.


On a cedula urbanistica you will find the exact possibilities and regulations of what may be built and what requirements the municipality has for the maximum size, surface and height of your dream home.

Don’t forget to look at the location in relation to the sun (and shade). Go at least twice during the day, but certainly also at night.

This way you can be sure that the plot is suitable for your dream villa!



# 2 Know what you really want (must have vs. like to haves)

When you have a house built, it is very important to determine in advance which things you absolutely want in the house and which ones can wait a little longer.

There are many things to be decided and making an overview of your wishes and absolute must haves in advance helps. It helps allows you to stay within budget.

Also determine what type of villa you want, architectural style (Mediterranean or modern), number of bedrooms, bathrooms?

Do you need an office space to work from home in Spain or maybe an extra room for an au-pair?


# 3 Be aware of VAT 10% or 21%

Some things can also be added to your villa later. Consider, for example, a walk-in closet, pool heating or an outdoor kitchen. By smart planning, the connections can be prepared during construction and some things can be added later. This way you can also spread the expenses.

Keep in mind that all materials and equipment that you install in Spain during the entire construction of your villa are subject to 10% VAT. For example, if you later have the walk-in closet finished by the carpenter, the VAT rate is 21% on his work.

When you buy a plot without a construction license or building project the acquisition is subject to 21% VAT.

# 4 Get real help from the pros

When you have a house built yourself, your real estate agent is often the starting point.

At nardia real estate agency we can show you many plots and also inform you about the building options.

We work together with a renowned architect and various reliable construction companies.

Of course you can first come and see for yourself and get acquainted with various homes under construction!

You can discuss all plans with our team and we look together at the possibilities. In Spain it is necessary to work with an architect. The architect is responsible for both the design and the correct execution of the construction.


# 5 Make Clear agreements

Maybe even more than in your home country, when you invest in a custom build villa abroad without being present it is of the utmost importance to clearly put all agreements on paper. From the purchase of the land with your real estate agent, architect to the construction contractor; all agreements should be crystal clear for everyone.

Our office can arrange for the complete supervision and follow-up of the construction for you and keep you constantly informed of decisions that need to be made and progress of the construction.

Our goal is clear and transparent communication. This prevents ambiguity and unpleasant situations afterwards.


# 6 Map out the full costs and arrange financing in Spain if desired


Building your villa in Spain is probably one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. It is clear that a clear overview of the costs is important. In addition to the costs for the purchase of the building land, architect and the construction itself, you should also consider the following costs:

Connection of utilities and sometimes even bringing utilities to the property. Ç

Landscaping, vegetation and pool area.

Municipal fees for the building permit.


If desired you can discuss the options with your Spanish bank at the beginning of the building process.  Note that it is in general possible to finance 70% or 80% of the construction costs with a mortgage in Spain.

Our team can inform you further.

strip_tierra-mallorca-rgJ1J8SDEAY-unsplash (1)


# 7 Stay involved during the building process

Especially if you do not yet live in Spain, it requires a lot of time to have a house built. It is recommended to visit the location once every few weeks to check the progress. Maybe you have a busy job at home;  No matter how long construction takes or how busy you are: try to stay involved continuously. The build of your dream home is a fantastic project that can be a joyful experience!

There are plenty of digital options to be ´present´ and to stay informed with videos and scheduling video calls.



# 8 Keep the end result in mind

Unexpected things will always happen. This does not have to be a disaster by any means. During any build, there will be some unforeseen setbacks. Delays in the delivery of the floor tiles or the windows, as a result of which the next installer also incurs a delay in his work.

When you start the build of your dream home it is best to accept this fact. Remember when you work with the our company we will deal with all these ´problems´ and solve them for you.

Everything can be solved by our team. The final result is what counts.


If there is anything we can do to help you, please send us a message by email or call us! 

info@nardia.es or call our team on +34 966883815.


We are here to help you!

Kind regards,


Tom Bruijnzeel & the friendly team at nardia real estate agency



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