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12th April 2023

In March the results were published for the 2022 property market by the Spanish Property Registry (Colegio de Registradores de la Propiedad bienes Muebles y Mercantiles de España).

The report is 182 pages long.



We like to inform our clients based on facts and have read the report for you.

Spain is regarded as one of the world´ most popular destinations. The country is very safe, part of the European Union and also has a vibrant culture with a fantastic gastronomy, beautiful beaches and majestic landscapes! But that, you knew already of course!

 The results from the market report in a nutshell: 

  • 2022 showed a rise of 14,5% in property sales.
  • Prices of resale homes rose by 9,08% in 2022 compared to 2021.
  • Top 4 nationalities: British, Germans, French and Belgians (see all 17 nationalities below)
  • In the Alicante province, Costa Blanca, 41,75% of homes sold are bought by a foreign buyer.
  • In the Region de Murcia, Costa Cálida, 19,08% of homes sold are bought by a foreign buyer.
  • 6,58% of all mortgages in Spain in 2022 were taken by a foreign investor.
  • Average interest rate of the mortgages in Spain is 2,4%


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Below you can read in more detail:

1.     How many homes were sold in 2022? 

2.     Are prices going up? 

3.     Foreign buyers: Where do we buy? 

4.     Who buys the most? Top 17. 

5.     New Build or Resale? 

6.     Average home size 

7.     Golden Visa 

8.     Mortgage amounts foreigners




1.Properties sold in 2022

The total number of Properties that changed owner at the notary public in Spain rose in 2022 by 14,5% compared to 2021. A total of 646.241 transactions were closed and completed at the notary public. The highest number in the last 13 years.

All regions in Spain saw an increase in the number of properties sold over the year 2022.

In our region Comunitat Valenciana, where the Costa Blanca is, 99.869 homes changed owner at the notary and 12.535 of them were new builds.


The regions where the most properties changed owner at the notary in 2022 were Andalucia with 133.481 sales (including 26.330 new builds), Catalunya 102.231 (including 16.664 new builds) and Madrid with 83.388 (including 18.233 brand new homes).


It is to be noted that these numbers reflect the sales completed before the notary. Resale homes sold by estate agents typically take around 6-8 weeks to complete at the notary. Whereas new build homes sold while under construction are in general taken over by the buyer when the house is finished. Normally 15 to 18 months after signing the contract. 


2.Price Level


2022 showed for the 8th year in a row increased property prices. Compared to 2021 the average price paid for a resale house in Spain has risen 9,08% in 2022.

Based on the value per m2 prices rose in 2022 by 6,7% on average in the whole of Spain.

The regions with the highest price level per m2 are Balearic Islands, Madrid, Pais Vasco, Barcelona and Malaga.

For the whole of Spain the average price of a property is still only 188.036 €.

4,5% more than in 2021.



3.Foreign buyers and investors in Spain

Foreigners invested in more than 88.000 homes and make up 13,75% of the total Spanish home sales in 2022.

Costa Blanca & Costa Cálida

In the Region Comunitat Valenciana, that consists of the 3 provinces Valencia, Castellon and Alicante where Costa Blanca is, foreign investments are good for 26,82%.

In the province of Alicante alone foreign investments make up 41,75%.  Alicante is the province in Spain with the highest percentage of foreign investments followed by Santa Cruz de Tenerife (34,95%), Balearic Islands (34,38%) and Malaga (33,48%).

For comparison, foreign investments make up 10,26% in the provinces of Barcelona and 5,03% in Madrid.

In the Region de Murcia, where Costa Cálida is, 19,09% of the homes are bought by foreign investors.


4.Who buys the most and what do we like to invest in?

The foreigners who acquired most properties in Spain in 2022:


1.      British 11,07%


2.      German 9,47%


3.      French 6,97%


4.      Belgium 5,21%


5.      Moroccans 5,15%


6.      Romanians 5,07%


7.      Dutch 4,91%


8.      Italian 4,62%


9.      Swedish 4,45%


10.   Polish 3,35%


11.   Chinese 2,21


12.   Russian 1,92%


13.   Ukrainian 1,75%


14.   Irish 1,57%


15.   Norwegian 1,31%


16.   United States 1,19%


17.   Bulgarian 1,1%


18.   Other nationalities 26,73%



5.New Build vs Resale Homes


Of the foreigners who invest in Spain 15,53% opt for a brand new home.

The French seem to prefer to invest in a resale home with 90,06% choosing a resale home.

New build homes are preferred by 21,96% of the Dutch, 24,46% of the Belgians and 21,28% of the Polish.  Although the Polish are not in the top 7 ranking, they are an important group of investors in 2022.  

6.Home Size foreign investors


The report published by the Property Registry in Spain also points out that most of the foreign investors have a higher than average income and can therefor afford to invest in larger properties.


More than 50% of the foreign investors preferred to buy a property of 80m2 or more:


Home size preferred by foreign investors:


Over 100m2   37,06%

80m2 to 100m2 19,06%

60m2 to 80m2  24,29%

40m2 to 60m2 15,05%

Less than 40m2   3,99%


For comparison: in 2022 the average surface of a new build home, including apartments and houses, in Spain was 109,2m2. Resale properties on average are 99m2 in Spain. 

 7.Golden Visa

Spain´s residence by investment program, also known as the Golden Visa, allows foreigners to make an investment of 500.000, - euros or more and apply for an investor visa.

4,28% of the total homes sold to Non-European Investors in 2022 was eligible for the golden visa program.

It is important to note that to apply for a Golden Visa the total amount invested in Spain has to be 500.000,- euros or more. This can be in 2 or more properties. The percentage indicated in the report does not indicate how many investors actually apply for the Golden Visa.


For more information about golden visa possibilities, please send us a message by email to info@nardia.es.





Of the total of 646.241 homes that changed owner at the notary in 2022, only 463.463 were financed with a mortgage. An increase of 11,2% compared to 2021.


9.Mortgages to foreign investors


Of all mortgages taken in 2022 6,58% were taken out by foreign investors (30.503 mortgages). Compared to 2021 this is an increase of 33,2% according the report.


Our view on this increase, that we have also noted in our agency, is that while mortgage rates in Spain are still low and banks offer better returns on investment products and on deposit accounts, clients choose a mortgage in Spain rather than paying for the property in full with their own funds.


In 2022 my team has helped 4 clients to obtain a mortgage for their property investment. In previous years we typically helped 1 client per year to get a mortgage in Spain.


Average Mortgages taken by foreigners in 2022:

Swedish 337.413,- €

United States 335.625,- €

German 322.455,- €

British 232.597,- €

Dutch 226.340,- €

French 217.369,- €

Portuguese 184.472,- €

Argentinian 184.062,- €

Polish 181.919,- €

Belgian 173.754,- €

Italian 172.669,- €

Chinese 142.988,- €


Average interest rate, fixed during the term of the mortgage, was 2,4% in 2022.


If you want more information about mortgages in Spain and how we can help you, please send us a message by email to info@nardia.es.


OUTLOOK 2023   | 
WHAT´S UP FOR 2023? 

2023 seems to follow the 2022 trend. The first quarter of this year has seen a very strong demand for quality homes on the best locations.

Our team has already sold in Q1 2023 the amount of homes we´d normally sell in the second quarter of the year. 


I am not sure if the season for 2023 has started sooner or is it that many realise that Spain is an attractive and beautiful destination where you can invest safely and enjoy your home?


Whatever your reason is to invest in a property in Spain,  we are here to help you!


See you soon on Costa Blanca!

Kind regards,

Tom Bruijnzeel & the friendly team at nardia real estate agency


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